Supernode Statistics - Other Nodes(Rank 96 - )


Height 854,184
Total Votes 63,722

Summary of different status

Pending The supernode was just registered but hasn't gotten enouch confirmations yet
Active The supernode is registered, confirmed and is participating in DPoS consensus
Inactive The supernode has been inactivated for a period, shall be punished and will be activated later
Canceled The supernode was cancelled
Illegal The supernode was found to break the DPoS consensus
Returned The supernode has cancelled and has had their deposit returned
Rank 98
Owner Key 03aea9103fd06cbbeb0fe2e8a61246a47f4b720aefdbb64ca5584fe33b47700590
Node Key 03aea9103fd06cbbeb0fe2e8a61246a47f4b720aefdbb64ca5584fe33b47700590
Location China
Status Active
Votes 29,564
ElaBank Registered Self-Distributed
Rank 104
Owner Key 03ef5bf5bc302ebd877053c6ec83a72ca7ba5f94168dd26084bd8480aa5f1dbb69
Node Key 03ef5bf5bc302ebd877053c6ec83a72ca7ba5f94168dd26084bd8480aa5f1dbb69
Location China
Status Active
Votes 17,199
ElaBank Registered Self-Distributed
Rank 109
Owner Key 03e19b5acf56cbfb130f4733702b036394ea20b3d85f29e8be63d443dd33ace607
Node Key 03e19b5acf56cbfb130f4733702b036394ea20b3d85f29e8be63d443dd33ace607
Location China
Status Active
Votes 16,959
ElaBank Registered Self-Distributed
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