Supernode Statistics - Other Nodes(Rank 96 - )


Height 509,509
Unique Voters 83
Actual ELA Used 104,024
Total Votes 99,024
Rank 97
Owner Key 0339227a3a2345bfcce5320f4520607af9bd9251b97c664d29b20271edf2909901
Node Key 0339227a3a2345bfcce5320f4520607af9bd9251b97c664d29b20271edf2909901
Location Singapore
Votes 99,024
Unique Voters 83
ELA Reward Address ESGnDgwFHzcGJ3bsrifmTUiGiHEHg1NYPP
Est ELA Reward Per Year 0
ELA Earned 228
ElaBank Registered False
EQoenqsbwybdbnUBb9CpCrbU4Uz76Yg9wP: 19,161
EgPKnwGD7yvfdfT9RUaC6CsUsJUK9sXGoV: 12,861
ERiNEcrW8QaSLZz3PisXHaj9Vf5P1FNoD4: 9,855
EWiVYKM5qdvn8wJuG9aXKTek6LMC7yCJJv: 6,713
EVmR1tRmzySTu2aA2Sc9hdJjDaz87rXRbY: 4,140
Others: 46,294
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