Elephant Wallet Voting Guide

How to use Elephant Wallet to vote for Supernodes

Always make sure to properly store your seedwords as it’s the only way to recover the wallet if you lose your phone or uninstall/unlink the Elephant App.

  1. Click the icon inside red circle
  2. Click "Vote ELA Super Nodes" - graphic
  1. Click “Authorize”
  2. Click that blue vote icon inside the red circle
  1. Choose up to 36 supernodes by selecting the checkboxes inside the red circles
  2. Once you have chosen all supernodes you want to vote for, click “Vote”
  3. Review your node list, once satisfied with your choices, click “Confirm”
  1. Enter your PIN code
  2. Wait 1-2 mins for your voting transaction to confirm
  3. Click "My Votes" to view your voting history
  1. You can view your voting history on this screen
  2. By clicking the node count on the right (inside red circle), you can view the list of supernodes you voted for
  3. NOTE: no need to click the “Re-Vote” button

Now you have casted your votes and you can close the Elephant app.

If you want to change your votes later on, you can go to back to the first two images in this guide and choose the nodes you want to vote again and then vote. If you do that, you will see all your voting history under “My Votes” but only the latest voting is valid.

If you move ELA out from your wallet, your votes will vanish and you need to remember to vote with your new balance.

If you deposit more ELA in your wallet, it's always preferable to vote with your whole balance, so remember to vote again each time your balance changes.

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