Ellipal Buying Guide

You can now order ELLIPAL hardware wallets through Noderators. By ordering through us, not only are you supporting Noderators and the Elastos ecosystem, we have also negotiated a 20% discount for our community members as a thank you for your support.

Get Elephant Wallet

Your personal digital property steward. You can manage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, ELA and many other digital coins; as well as the Elastos DID, which is based on the blockchain digital identity, allowing you to master your own data. Go to App Store and search for "Elastos Elephant Wallet".

Vote for Supernodes using Elephant Wallet

You can now use Elephant Wallet to vote for your favorite supernodes. If you move ELA out from your wallet, your votes will vanish and you need to remember to vote with your new balance. If you deposit more ELA in your wallet, it's always preferable to vote with your whole balance, so remember to vote again.
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