Arbitrator Nodes on Duty


Recent Height


Current DPoS Round Start Height


Next DPoS Round Start Height


Recent Block Validated By

CRC Supernode 3

Next Block Will be Validated By

Wild Strawberries Apollo

Future Arbitrator On Duty

CRC Supernode 10

Recent Block Validated At

Mon Mar 8 06:59 2021

Next Block Will be Validated At

Mon Mar 8 07:01 2021

Future Block Time

Mon Mar 8 07:03 2021

Blocks Till Next Round


Time Till Next Round

2 minutes

Time of Next Round

Mon Mar 8 07:03 2021

Arbitrators on Duty

Nickname Owner Public Key Block
Time Until
Next Block Proposal
Block Proposal Time Blocks Proposed
(Last 10,000 blocks)
Blocks Signed
(Last 10,000 blocks)
9 Wild Strawberries Apollo 03d6bebe9478f53e43c8e3289e12175a34750ee42cc93f530b33c7382028b28e01 854,209 2 min. Mon Mar 8 07:01 2021 2.00% 86.80%
0 CRC Supernode 10 03e3fe6124a4ea269224f5f43552250d627b4133cfd49d1f9e0283d0cd2fd209bc 854,210 4 min. Mon Mar 8 07:03 2021 2.00% 88.48%
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