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Who are we?

We are the Elastos Noderators! We are a diverse group consisting of Elastos moderators and team members. Our team members include: T.I., C00mbsie, Pmhee555, Austrader, Murph, Multastoy, Michael S, Dave (michaeldave25 on reddit), Aixs (Marcus S), and of course KP. We are spread all around the world in countries such as Finland, South Africa, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Indonesia. If you have been active in the community, you likely know and have interacted with all of us in many instances. As many of you know, we are some of the biggest Elastos fans out there, and we have been extremely devoted to this community for a long time. We absolutely love interacting with this amazing community each and every day. Whether it be with problems, concerns, or just dreaming of a new internet, we are committed to servicing this community in any way possible.
We feel that our strong belief and long term devoutness to the Elastos project, along with our dedication to the Cyber Republic, is enough to guarantee that we have the Elastos community’s best interests in mind when it comes to running a supernode. The Noderators will uphold a pledge to run our supernodes with decentralization, fairness, and the betterment of the Smart-Web in mind. By supporting us, you also support various initiatives funded by the rewards that will directly benefit the Elastos ecosystem. We hope to run one supernode in North America and one in Asia.

What is our purpose?

Our goal is not to attract voters through maximal rewards. We think we are able to utilize the rewards by giving back to the community through continuous support, website development, providing moderators support for other Elastos ecosystem projects in early stage and build useful tools for our community. It’s very hard for new and upcoming dapps and projects to set up a community and because we are a team of moderators and have gone through the ups and downs of managing the community, we know how to grow the community organically
Our goal is to work towards creating more decentralization in the Elastos ecosystem. We have no ill will against other alliances when it comes to running supernodes but we have decided to not join any alliances in the spirit of decentralization. We may succeed in this endeavour or we may not but we will continually work towards promoting elastos in a meaningful way and we want people to vote for us because they believe in the value we provide for the community and as such, we hope to have a strong community behind us and their support for us
Our goal is to make a one-stop shop for everything elastos related and this includes not just the elastos infrastructure projects like blockchain, carrier and hive but also other ecosystem projects such as DMA, Hyperconnect, and any of the Cyber Republic led projects and frameworks

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